ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
The Orthodox Steward - Lifegiving Waters for God's People
The Orthodox Steward - Lifegiving Waters for God's People

Clergy Services

The priests of the Orthodox Church are called to be chief stewards of their parish communities.  This requires a strong theological understanding of Stewardship, a strong personal practice of stewardship in one's personal life, and tools to bring a solid stewardship approach to parish members, leaders, and ministry groups.


A special series has been developed, providing 10 hours of presentation materials to help pastors in this task.  This information is best presented in a teaching or retreat setting. The four primary areas of Focus are:


  1.  Introduction - Orthodox Stewadship as Sacred Offering
  2. The Stewardship Cycle - A model for engaging in the practical and  spiritual dynamics of stewardship in Orthodoxy
  3. Stewardship in the Parish
  4. Gifts in Abundance- Spiritual Leadership in the Community


These presentations can be done in a variety of ways - depending on the needs of the group.  Contact Fr. Robert for more information on these opportunities for growth.


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How Can I Participate?

For information about how you can participate in future well-borehole projects in Malawi, see the About page here: Isaiah 44 Project - About

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Additional Boreholes and other projects are anticipated for the 2nd half of 2024

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