The Orthodox Steward
The Orthodox Steward

This section includes reflections on Stewardship and other personal concerns, and guest articles.


Stewardship in our Time

Stewardship and Great Lent (#8) – Lenten Almsgiving?

Apr 15, 2021
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Life After Paradise #2 – The Babbling Tongue

Apr 13, 2021
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Life After Paradise – Sacred Offerings Gone South

Apr 10, 2021
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Genesis 2: The Garden of Eden – God’s Stewardship Workshop

Mar 30, 2021
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Stewardship and Great Lent (#4) – Genesis 1: The Human Vocation

Mar 27, 2021
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Stewardship and Great Lent (#4 ) – The Sunday of Orthodoxy

Mar 21, 2021
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Stewardship and Great Lent (#2 ) – The Sacred Offering of the Martyrs

Mar 20, 2021
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Stewardship and Great Lent (#1 ) – The Sacred Tithe of Time

Mar 18, 2021
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Orthodox Stewardship - The Treasure of Great Lent

Mar 16, 2021
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Personal Update - Orthodox Christian Leadership Initiative Event – Sept. 2020

Sep 2, 2020
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UOC Church Stewardship: Taking Spring Inventory

Mar 15, 2018
  • Did I put the seed in the ground?
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A Few Thoughts on the Violence in Charlottesville - August, 2017

Sep 2, 2017
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Blog Capability Updated

Sep 2, 2017
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Orthodox Stewardship in Brief:

To live as an Orthodox Steward is to live a challenging and spiritually fulfilling life - aware of God's ever-present Providence, prompting and grace. We respond to His Grace by offering ourselves, our material resources and 'all of our life to Christ our God.'  This spiritual dynamics of offering form the basis of an Orthodox life of stewardship which is God-centered and Eucharistic - filled with thanksgiving and joy.




New Stewardship Podcast on Ancient Faith on Ancient Faith -

Reaching Out

Parish Visits

Parish visits and retreat weekends can be arranged to include Saturday Workshops/Retreats and Sunday Liturgy presentations.  The Sunday presentations can be especially effective in reaching the broad parish community and serve as an excellent, initial exposure to the principles and practices of Orthodox Stewardship


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