ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!
The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!

Isaiah 44 Project - Fall 2023 New Emergency Relief Sites

As Isaiah 44 Project supporters responded to the Cyclone Freddy response appeal through their gracious donations, $4500 (US) have been made available so far from the Isaiah 44 Project-St. Nicholas Charity Legacy Fund to the Orthodox Church in Malawi for emergency relief.

The Church in Malawi was already undertaking emergency relief to Malawian residents providing supplies including dry milk for children, using existing church facilities as bases of operations.


Because food insecurity is a persistent problem, it was only made far worse by the cyclone which hit just as the harvest was coming in, ruining many crops especially in the South, so immediate support is needed to meet sustaining food needs of the Malawians. When the Isaiah 44 Funds arrived in June, the clergy involved immediately in the adminstration of the funds, Fr. Chrysanthos (bishop's representative) and Fr. Nicodemus (vicar general) set out a plan to identify a suitable sources to acquire the food and other supplies needed in the local communities then set up a plan to visit the communities for the food distribution.

An initial 20 (50kg) sacks of maize (corn) were been acquired and the first distribution took place at Chikuaoua, a rural community southwest of Blantyre in the far southern area of Malawi. When Fr. Nikodemos arrived the villagers gathered with their parish priest, Father Paisios and celebrated with joy the life-sustaining food supplies made available to them. Their singing and dancing expresses the Spirit of Thanksgiving to God for his providence, as provided through the hands of the ministers of the Orthodox Church of Malawi.

The second week of July, a second, larger allotment of 40 bags is to be acquired for distribution in another targeted region which was greatly affected.  Yet another 47 bags should become available for distribution by the end of July.


While the needs remain substantial around the region, every last handful of grain is life-sustaining for God's people, and holds the hope and promise of a future harvest as well.


These funds targeted for emergency relief had been forwarded to the Consistory of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA in May.  Through the cooperation of the hierarchs and Consistory Treasurer's office, these funds could then be forwarded directly to the Orthodox Church of Malawi for these special needs. We are grateful to their Eminences, Met Antony and Archbishop Daniel, and to the Treasurer, Fr. Steve Hutnick and Asst. Treasurer, Natalia Honcharenko for expediting this international relief effort.


We will seek the guidance of the Malawian clergy to determine for us what is the most important direction for the future Isaiah 44 Project ministry and funding efforts. We hope to continue with new well (borehole) projects before the summer is concluded.  


Please pray for God's blessing for the people of Malawi, in their efforts to recover from the cyclone, and for the Orthodox Church in Malawi to minister to the needs of people through emergency relief and boreholes, but other needs as the Lord leads.


Thanks to all who have all who have supported this emergency relief effort through your prayers and sacred offerings to God and His people!

Isaiah 44 Project Newsletter - Fall 23.[...]
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How Can I Participate?

For information about how you can participate in future well-borehole projects in Malawi, see the About page here: Isaiah 44 Project - About

NEWSLETTER - July 2023
The Isaiah 44 Project - Latest Newsletter
Isaiah 44 Project Newsletter - Summer 20[...]
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Plans are in the works for securing a third borehole in Malawi through the Isaiah 44 Project - Stay Tuned!

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