ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
ragic Cyclone Hits Malawi Emergency -  Hundred Have Died, Thousands Homeless
The Orthodox Steward - Lifegiving Waters for God's People
The Orthodox Steward - Lifegiving Waters for God's People

Welcome to The Orthodox Steward Website

Over the past 25 years, the Orthodox Church in the United States has been discovering and formulating a new vision for its mission.  Critical to this process is the emergence of certain ancient principles of stewardship - as  means of living the Orthodox way faithfully - for laity and clergy alike.

The Orthodox approach to Christian stewardship differs significantly from Protestant and Roman Catholic Christianity.  It differs radically from what is called 'stewardship' in the secular society. 

The Orthodox Steward ministry endeavors to further the exploration of the Orthodox fullness of the principles of stewardship and assist the Church in living Orthodox Way of faithful stewardship.

Welcome to The Orthodox Steward - enjoy the walk on the narrow Way.

Biblical, Patristic and Contemporary insights into faithful Christian living and stewardship today.  A useful resource for individuals, parishes, Stewardship programs, and discussion groups. Now Available - The First and Finest - Orthodox Stewardship as Sacred Offering

Want to know more about Orthodox Stewarship and the services we offer? Get detailed information here. We're looking forward to serving you!


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Spring 2024 Newsletter
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Make Checks payable to: St. Nicholas Charity Legacy Fund: Account SN-00
Make a Notation on the Memo indicating your desireL  Line:  Is. 44 Project - EMERGENCY or Is. 44 Project - Water


Mail To: Greater Horizons -  Attn. Donor Services
1055 Broadway Blvd., Suite 130 | Kansas City, MO 64105

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Greater Horizons website: www.greaterhorizons.org



The Warm Heart of Africa!

How Can I Participate?

For information about how you can participate in future well-borehole projects in Malawi, see the About page here: Isaiah 44 Project - About

Isaiah 44 Project Newsletter - Fall 23.[...]
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NEWSLETTER - July 2023
The Isaiah 44 Project - Latest Newsletter
Isaiah 44 Project Newsletter - Summer 20[...]
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Additional Boreholes and other projects are anticipated for the 2nd half of 2024

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