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Over the past 25 years, the Orthodox Church in the United States has been discovering and formulating a new vision for its mission.  Critical to this process is the emergence of certain ancient principles of stewardship - as  means of living the Orthodox way faithfully - for laity and clergy alike.

The Orthodox approach to Christian stewardship differs significantly from Protestant and Roman Catholic Christianity.  It differs radically from what is called 'stewardship' in the secular society. 

The Orthodox Steward ministry endeavors to further the exploration of the Orthodox fullness of the principles of stewardship and assist the Church in living Orthodox Way of faithful stewardship.

Welcome to The Orthodox Steward - enjoy the walk on the narrow Way.

Biblical, Patristic and Contemporary insights into faithful Christian living and stewardship today.  A useful resource for individuals, parishes, Stewardship programs, and discussion groups. Now Available - The First and Finest - Orthodox Stewardship as Sacred Offering

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Spiritual Basis

To live as an Orthodox Steward is to live a challenging and spiritually fulfilling life - aware of God's ever-present Providence, prompting and grace. We respond to His Grace by offering ourselves, our material resources and 'all of our life to Christ our God.'  This spiritual dynamics of offering form the basis of an Orthodox life of stewardship which is God-centered and Eucharistic - filled with thanksgiving and joy.




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Reaching Out

Parish Visits

Parish visits and retreat weekends can be arranged to include Saturday Workshops/Retreats and Sunday Liturgy presentations.  The Sunday presentations can be especially effective in reaching the broad parish community and serve as an excellent, initial exposure to the principles and practices of Orthodox Stewardship


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