The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!
The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!

What Can We Offer to You? is a ministry and consulting service developed and offered by V.Rev. Robert Holet, DMin. an archpriest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA, and serving as Director of the Consistory Office of Stewardship. can provide assistance to parishes, clergy, leadership groups and individual Christians who seek to understand their divine call to serve the Lord as faithful stewards - not only in theory but in action. The Orthodox Steward ministry can provide help through:

  • Group presentations, discussions and exercises
  • Parish board/leadership training on stewardship topics
  • Financial analysis of parish stewardship topics, including proportional giving/tithing, pledging and other modes of Christian offering
  • Development of the breadth of spiritual gifts - as bestowed upon Church members through theirHoly Mystery of Chrismation.
  • Personal support, encouragement and teaching.


Contact us and discover what the Lord may have in store for you, your community or your ministry. We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Spiritual Basis

To live as an Orthodox Steward is to live a challenging and spiritually fulfilling life - aware of God's ever-present Providence, prompting and grace. We respond to His Grace by offering ourselves, our material resources and 'all of our life to Christ our God.'  This spiritual dynamics of offering form the basis of an Orthodox life of stewardship which is God-centered and Eucharistic - filled with thanksgiving and joy.




Reaching Out

Parish Visits

Parish visits and retreat weekends can be arranged to include Saturday Workshops/Retreats and Sunday Liturgy presentations.  The Sunday presentations can be especially effective in reaching the broad parish community and serve as an excellent, initial exposure to the principles and practices of Orthodox Stewardship


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