The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!
The Orthodox Steward - A New Project!
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About Us

The Orthodox Steward is a collaboration of Orthodox Christians who are interested in developing the spiritual and practical dimensions of Christian stewardship in our age, based upon the teachings of Christ and his Church through the ages. 


The website founder is V.Rev. Robert Holet, DMin.- a priest of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church of the USA and currently serving as its Director of Stewardship.  Fr. Robert's interest in stewardship emerged when confronting the financial challenges in founding St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in Charlottesville, Virginia in the late 1990s.   This prompted a study and subsequent doctoral project, undertaken in conjunction with the Antiochian House of Studies and leading to a Doctor of Ministry degree in 2006 from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary on Orthodox Christian Stewardship in a Mission Parish Setting.  

 In 2013, Fr. Robert re-worked the doctoral study material and released a new book on the topic, titled "The First and Finest, Orthodox Christian Stewardship as Sacred Offering", which will serve as a basis for understanding stewardship from an Orthodox perspective for those interested in understanding critical dimensions of Christian life and ministry through stewardship of God's gifts.


Fr. Robert has given numerous homilies and presentations (using PowerPoint) to parishes, leadership boards and small groups on the many dimensions of Christian Stewardship.  Of particular interest are the broader questions of the relationship of financial systems (capitalism) and the interrelationship of Christian approaches to financial management  and contemporary capitalistic systems in the West. 


Fr. Robert hopes to release an additional title on Orthodox Stewardship in the coming year.  Please contact us to discuss your ideas or needs regarding stewardship of God's gifts in the areas of your life, your parish, your work or ministry.



Spiritual Basis

To live as an Orthodox Steward is to live a challenging and spiritually fulfilling life - aware of God's ever-present Providence, prompting and grace. We respond to His Grace by offering ourselves, our material resources and 'all of our life to Christ our God.'  This spiritual dynamics of offering form the basis of an Orthodox life of stewardship which is God-centered and Eucharistic - filled with thanksgiving and joy.




Reaching Out

Parish Visits

Parish visits and retreat weekends can be arranged to include Saturday Workshops/Retreats and Sunday Liturgy presentations.  The Sunday presentations can be especially effective in reaching the broad parish community and serve as an excellent, initial exposure to the principles and practices of Orthodox Stewardship


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