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The new Podcast 'Firstfruits of Christian Living' on Ancient Faith, has been updated and there are three episodes up now. We have begun a review of Old Testament passages, beginning in the beginning with Genesis.  While that only makes sense, its actually quite critically important to understand the foundational beliefs of Orthodoxy that the Creation narratives set forth, in order to understand creation and humankind's role in it - particularly our creation in the image and likeness of God, and the priestly dignity of our place in offering that Creation to God.  The episodes on the Original Sin also reveal our own fallen characteristics regarding stewardship and the effects of sin on ourselves an our world.   In the coming episodes we'll see how essential the nature of human offering is to our very being by examining the offerings of Cain and Abel, Noah, and Melchizedek.   You can find the Podcast here:



Orthodox Stewardship in Brief:

To live as an Orthodox Steward is to live a challenging and spiritually fulfilling life - aware of God's ever-present Providence, prompting and grace. We respond to His Grace by offering ourselves, our material resources and 'all of our life to Christ our God.'  This spiritual dynamics of offering form the basis of an Orthodox life of stewardship which is God-centered and Eucharistic - filled with thanksgiving and joy.




New Stewardship Podcast on Ancient Faith on Ancient Faith -

Reaching Out

Parish Visits

Parish visits and retreat weekends can be arranged to include Saturday Workshops/Retreats and Sunday Liturgy presentations.  The Sunday presentations can be especially effective in reaching the broad parish community and serve as an excellent, initial exposure to the principles and practices of Orthodox Stewardship


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